Our projects explore diverse areas of Singapore history, including space and place, race, communities, language, relationships, the arts, economies, etc.

Whether through theatre, writing, film, music, or an interdisciplinary mix of mediums, they seek to join in the ongoing conversation surrounding Singapore's history, identity, and nationhood.


sarong party

Lau Yu Ching, Daren Poh Kiat How, Tan Xi Yuan Mark, Lee Jia Min, Jamie, Yeo Poh Hwee, Lee Zhi Zhong

An immersive, music and mixed-media ‘party’ experience that explores Singapore’s relationship with its colonial past. Guests will be entertained in a party setting with music, poetry and art around our colonial history.


orchard #THISISNOT

Wu Yu Chen, Yeo Zheng Hang, Lin Derong, Poh Wei Bing

Through a series of installations, this
site-specific intervention aims to cast
Orchard Road as a site overlaid with social complexities, histories and spatial
developments. By disrupting people’s routine movements, this site-specific intervention activates public pedestrian areas as sites of agency and reflection.


The Factory Girls: stories of female factory workers in the 1970s

Pang Wei Han

An exhibition on women who worked in factories in Singapore in the 1970-80s. As a counter-narrative to dominant ideas of state-led economic development, it seeks to tell the personal stories, struggles and aspirations of ordinary factory women.


Ceylonese Tamils in Singapore: A Study on Migration, Community and Identity

Tinesh Indrarajah, Jane Christine Zhang

A documentary film about the collective history, experiences and identity evolution of Ceylonese Tamils in Singapore. It will explore the community’s marriage traditions, religious spaces, and relationship between their ethnic identity, national identity, and the State’s CMIO framework.

‘You Don’t Need Much Space to Have Sex’; Casting Singapore’s History Through Intimacies

Yuen Ai Zhen Carol, Wong Kwang Lin, Edgar Yeo Quan Yi, Leong Yee Ting, Ying Yilun, Wee Jing Long, Wang Xing Hao, Pearlyn Low

An exhibition exploring forms of intimacies within and between communities in Singapore’s past, such as migrant workers, orang laut, the Hajj pilgrims, Indian convict labourers and ghost marriages. It will showcase stories of ordinary people, and explore how intimacies manifest within physical and virtual spaces.

remembering sungei

Chong Jing Yee, Elston Sam Zhen Shen

An exhibition examining the history of the Sungei Road Thieves Market. This project seeks to present personal stories from the vendors, outline the market’s transformation over time, and invite audiences to consider the role of informal economies in Singapore, if any, today and in the future.


the memorial of the future

Anne Caroline Franklin, Daniel Soo,
Sanjana Tadepalli

An Augmented Reality (AR) project exploring the processes of memorialization in Singapore. By imposing imagined memorials onto an existent reality, the AR experience highlights ‘un-memorialised’ people and events, and invites audiences to reflect on what has been included or excluded from state-led memorialization.


IG Story_APR 2018_W2_Boka di Stori.jpg

boka di stori

D’Rozario Andre Alexander, Gerald Choa Kai Kit, Sung Chang Da, Carroll Shane Christopher

A graphic novel about the history of the Kristang community in Singapore. It explores aspects of Portugese-Eurasian culture, including food, songs, rituals, norms, and significant events in the community’s past.


The History of Utopian Aspirations (Dreaming in the City)

Jevon Chandra

An audio journey exploring Jurong as a site of Singapore’s industrial “dreaming”. Through Jurong, the project invites audiences to consider the role of the State’s aspirations, and the people’s everyday place-making in shaping our urban environment.



Chong Kai Yan, Pang Xue Qiang

A collection of love stories from Singapore’s pasts, in the form of a zine. It will employ a hybrid of documentary and fiction, featuring original writing, photos, and illustrations to bring to life the stories of older couples who met in Singapore, while exploring their associated historical events, circumstances and places.


Matthew Chew Chee Han, Ng Kai Yuan, Tan Yang Yi, Cheah Wenqi

An interdisciplinary web project including videos, photos and 360 VR content, exploring and documenting the history of Tampines Junior College, one of the JCs that will be merged in 2019. Through the stories of different groups in TPJC, it explores the significance and implications of the merger within Singapore’s educational landscape.

project idiom
(identity in our music)

Bertram Wee, Lynette Yeo Yan Teng,
Hoe Min Zephany, Wilford Goh Yu Xiang

A web documentary on the history of Singapore western art music, including interviews with featured Singaporean composers exploring how their identity, culture, and location influenced their music. The website is accompanied by a casual concert performing these composers' pieces, alongside an exhibition of manuscripts, photos and artefacts.


first storeys

Sean Cham

An investigation of Singapore’s 'kampong to metropolis' narrative, presented as a theatrical installation. It explores the resettlement period from the 1950s to 1990s, seeking to record less known stories of Resettlement Officers, tease out issues faced during the resettlement period, and the public’s reactions to the first Housing and Development Board (HDB) projects.