Our projects explore diverse areas of Singapore history, including space and place, race, communities, language, relationships, the arts, economies, etc.

Whether through theatre, writing, film, music, or an interdisciplinary mix of mediums, they seek to join in the ongoing conversation surrounding Singapore's history, identity, and nationhood.


sarong party

A tongue-in-cheek music and mixed-media ‘party’ experience that explores Singapore’s relationship with its colonial past. Guests will be entertained in a party setting with music, poetry and art around our colonial history, featuring original compositions by The MadHatter Project.

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orchard: a stroll between valleys

A public installation that shifts Orchard Road’s physicality to the foreground. Part architecture, part landscape, part playground, it employs water pipes and topography to give shoppers a glimpse of Orchard Road’s natural terrain and historical layers, bringing together history, site, and people in unexpected ways.

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factory super(women)

Short films on women who worked in factories in Singapore in the 1970-80s. As a counter-narrative to dominant ideas of state-led economic development, it seeks to highlight the untold personal stories, struggles and aspirations of individual factory women.


Rojak Romance

A documentary film exploring the history and evolving identity of the Ceylonese Tamil community, through the story of a young mixed-race couple. It follows a Malaysian Ceylonese Tamil man and a Chinese American woman as they broach topics of differing religious backgrounds, family norms and expectations, and speculate on how to exist as a mixed-race couple in multiracial, yet CMIO-centric Singapore.


An exhibition that puts the spotlight on remittance letters sent home by migrants in Singapore during the 20 th Century. It explores the historical value of these artifacts, the socio-political and personal circumstances in which they were written and read, and the medium of letter-writing itself.

remembering sungei

An exhibition examining the history of the Sungei Road Thieves Market. This project seeks to present personal stories from the vendors, artifacts from the market, and invite audiences to examine our perceptions of heritage and the value of material objects.

09 Boka di Stori_HERO.jpg

boka di stori

A graphic novel about the history, culture, and identity of the Kristang community in Singapore. As a mother and daughter reconnect with their Eurasian roots at a relative’s funeral, the graphic novel explores aspects of Portuguese-Eurasian culture, including food, songs, rituals, norms, and significant events in the community’s past.

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An interactive web documentary on Singapore’s largest school merger, focussing on Tampines Junior College’s (TPJC) last days. Through videos, photos and 360-degree VR content, this project documents stories of different groups affected by TPJC’s merger, while exploring the city-state’s changing social and education landscapes.



A zine featuring love stories from Singapore’s pasts. It will employ a hybrid of documentary and fiction, featuring original writing, photos, and illustrations to bring to life the stories of older couples who met in Singapore, while exploring their associated historical events, circumstances and places.


first storeys

An investigation of Singapore’s ‘kampong to metropolis’ narrative, with focus on the resettlement period from the 1950s to 1990s, presented through a speculative theatrical installation. The piece takes audience-participants through a discovery of lesser-known stories of Resettlement Officers, issues faced during the resettlement period, and the public’s reactions to the first Housing and Development Board (HDB) projects.

project idiom

A web documentary on the history of classical composition by Singaporean composers, including interviews with these composers exploring how identity, culture, and location influenced their music. The website is accompanied by a concert featuring these composers’ pieces, and an exhibition of manuscripts, photos and artifacts.