A Permutation of Dreams:
A Reflection of Singapore Dying Trades


An interactive installation with photography and short films, exploring the evolution, decline and future relevance of trades like hawkers, backstreet barbers and traditional lantern making. This project seeks to remind us to retain what the past has to offer in building our future.

by Aik Shermaine, Seah Wei Chuan, Yik Jin Hao, Wong Jia An

Sarong Party: A Multi-Disciplinary Musical Look At Singapore’s Anglophilia

A mixed-media ‘house party’ performancewith performance arts, interactive art, and digital media. It will explore Singapore’s relationship with its colonial past, and how Anglophilia continues to thrive.

by Lau Yu Ching, Daren Poh Kiat How, Tham Xiu Jie, Stefanie, Tan Xi Yuan, Mark, Lee Jia Min, Jamie, Yeo Poh Hwee

Where am I

This project aims to simulate memories of spaces through multiple site-specific 'pods', uncovering the rich heritage behind seemingly ordinary sites today. Straddling the past and future, this installation pushes against any obliteration of public history.

by Wu Yu Chen, Yeo Zheng Hang, Lin Derong, Poh Wei Bing

The Factory Girls:
Stories of female factory workers in the 1970s

A documentary film on the narratives and experiences of women who worked in factories in the 1970s. This film seeks to present a counter-narrative to a state-centric retelling of Singapore’s progress, highlighting the contributions of ordinary Singaporeans and their labour.

by Pang Wei Han

Ceylonese Tamils in Singapore: A Study on Migration, Community and Identity

Oral history interviews and film exploring the positionality of Ceylonese Tamils in Singapore society and nationalism, through their culture, migration, contributions to the founding of modern Singapore, and identity evolution.

by Tinesh Indrarajah, Jane Christine Zhang

 ‘You Don’t Need Much Space to Have Sex’; Casting Singapore’s History Through Intimacies

Multi-sited exhibitions and performancesinvestigating kinship, race, gender and sexuality in Singapore through intimacies — cross-cultural and polygamous marriages, subaltern and 'indigenous' intimacies.

by Yuen Ai Zhen Carol, Wong Kwang Lin, Edgar Yeo Quan Yi, Leong Yee Ting, Wee Jing Long, Ying Yilun

Remembering Sungei

An immersive exhibition/experience examining the history of the Sungei Road Thieves Market from the perspective of Garang Gunis. This project seeks to shed light on shifting socio-political circumstances that has undermined Sungei Market's economic prominence.

by Chong Jing Yee, Elston Sam Zhen Shen

The Memorial of the Future

This project explores the material and conceptual construction of memorials, and the commemoration of people and events. Through participatory workshops and a memorial-designing process, it invites audiences to revisit stories behind our state memorials, asking: What is missing? What is to be changed, and by whom?

by Anne Caroline Franklin, Shanice Nicole Stanislaus, Willie Zile Khoo, Sanjana Tadepalli

Boka di Stori

A graphic novel anthology that brings to life the Kristang story in Singapore in English and Kristang — the endangered heritage language of Portuguese-Eurasians communities. Themes include inter-generational communication and the fluidity of Kristang racial identity.

by D’Rozario Andre Alexander, Gerald Choa Kai Kit, Sung Chang Da, Carroll Shane Christopher

A non-linear audio journey that explores Singapore’s history of utopian aspiration, and our locality of living in the city. As an interface between the body and the city, walking will act as a primer for audiences to consider complex narratives behind nation building and spatial experiences.

by Jevon Chandra

The History of Utopian Aspirations (Dreaming in
the City)


A collection of memories of Singapore’s past in a published zine, exploring Singapore’s history through the lens of old love stories, photographs and keepsakes. It will include feature articles, photo essays, poetry and illustrations derived from oral interviews with old couples in Singapore.

by Chong Kai Yan, Pang Xue Qiang

An interdisciplinary project including video-series, photo-series and 360 VR content, exploring and documenting the heritage of the 14 schools slated to be closed and merged in 2019. It will also explore the evolution of Singapore's education landscape through the decades.

by Matthew Chew Chee Han, Ng Kai Yuan, Tan Yang Yi, Cheah Wenqi


A website presenting the history of Singaporean western art music, exploring what it means to be a "Singaporean" composer, with outreach education programmes and a chamber concert showcasing Singaporean composition.

by Bertram Wee, Lynette Yeo Yan Teng, Hoe Min Zephany, Wilford Goh Yu Xiang

Project IdIOM (Identity In Our Music)

A book of creative nonfiction and photography that explores the development of Haw Par Villa as a site of multiple contestations since its establishment in 1937, and situate it in the context of Singapore's history in the 1970s-80s. The project also aims to communicate the evolution of what Haw Par Villa means to people from all walks of life.

by Sherlyn Goh Xue Ting, Mariel Chee

Out of the Dragon’s Mouth

A devised theatre performance within an immersive installation exploring the “kampung to metropolis” narrative through the lens of public housing in Singapore. The project hopes to record stories from the first residents of public housing, understand how the shift from kampungs to public housing affected Singaporeans, and recreate the first houses in the public housing scheme.

by Sean Cham

first storeys