History matters


Singapore’s history comes to life in a different way with The Future of Our Pasts Festival (TFOOPFest), a month-long festival that explores lesser-known stories of communities and places of the past and present, reimagined through artistic mediums. Organised by Yale-NUS in conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial, TFOOPFest will run from 16 February to 17 March 2019 at various locations around the city.

The festival showcases projects by students and recent graduates from different tertiary institutions in Singapore and abroad, who have been commissioned to investigate less explored micro-narratives of Singapore’s history, and present them via creative or artistic mediums. Through performances, exhibitions, public installations, books, films, and a web documentary, these projects explore themes of space, architecture, communities, language, race, relationships, and the arts.

TFOOPFest invites you to discover these stories with us, and engage with what our many pasts mean for Singapore — now and in the future.



Meet the teams and projects featured in The Future of Our Pasts Festival.

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